ITM HD2 ABS Flush Utility (CAN bus equipped/6 pin bikes)

$200.00 $179.00

***For 2012 – 2019 (early model 2019, 2019 mid year + is still in development) CAN bus/6 pin equipped diagnostic connector bikes***  The ABS brake flush solution for your touring or Softail bike!


This is an Android app that allows for the end user to issue ABS HCU (hydraulic control unit) commands to allow for FULL ABS brake flush operation.  No dealer visits to flush your brake fluid are required ever again!  Don’t try to risk yourself (and your bike) by skidding in an attempt to activate the HCU (it is not the same/as thorough as the proper procedure!).

The HD2 utility is compatible with 2012 to current Harleys (equipped with ABS) and a 6 pin diagnostic connector (4 pin diagnostic cable bikes will require the HD1 utility).

Pays for itself in one use!  Easily, quickly, and safely flush your brakes every riding season.


Tablet device with configured HD2 app.

Interface device and cable

Detailed instructions



The wait is over!  ITM HD2 ABS Flush Utility for 2012 – 2019 (early model 2019, late model 2019+ is in development still) Harleys (6 Pin/CAN bus equipped bikes).  No more dealer visits to flush your brake fluid!



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