ITM HD1 ABS Flush Utility (J1850 equipped/4 pin bikes)

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ITM HD1 ABS Flush Utility for 2008 – 2011 Harleys (NOTE:  V-Rods of ALL YEARS are 4-pin/J1850!).  No more dealer visits to flush your brake fluid!

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This is an Android app that allows for the end user to issue ABS HCU (hydraulic control unit) commands to allow for FULL ABS brake flush operation.  No dealer visits to flush your brake fluid are required ever again!  Don’t try to risk yourself (and your bike) by skidding in an attempt to activate the HCU (it is not the same/as thorough as the proper procedure!).

The HD1 utility is compatible with 2008 to 2017 V-rods (equipped with ABS) and 2008 to 2011 Harley motorcycles with ABS and a 4 pin diagnostic connector (6 pin diagnostic cable bikes will require the HD2 utility).

Pays for itself in one use!  Easily, quickly, and safely flush your brakes every riding season.



Tablet device with configured HD1 app.

Interface device and cable

Detailed instructions





4 reviews for ITM HD1 ABS Flush Utility (J1850 equipped/4 pin bikes)

  1. Brent Needham (verified owner)

    Works exactly as described. Easy to use even for us technical dummies as far as computers. I had an issue signing in and emailed Jason and he was back to me in mins with a response and a phone call. The issues was my fault, he was very patient and understanding. I highly recommend Jason and his product.

  2. alpinegeoff

    Great product and great service. I ordered the 6 pin version, and I have a 4 pin bike. Jason immediately shipped me the correct one. Super easy to use. Pays for itself the first time you flush your brakes.

  3. cfdlc3 (verified owner)

    After reading and hearing horror stories of issues with Harley ABS. I was going to mech. bypass the HCU. So, I did a lot of reading and found ITM looked at the product and bought it. I flushed the complete system on my 2010 FHLTK. The local dealer charges $250. They don’t do as complete a process as you will able to do yourself. My next flush will be the cost of the fluid. The application on the provided tablet and the controller worked flawlessly. Follow the provided instructions, review the video. Great product and great customer service. Recommend It.

  4. Staveshaver (verified owner)

    I got a 2010 Harley Road King that had been sitting for four years. The rear brake pedal was frozen in place. Something in the HCU was stuck or gummed up. A new one is $750 just for the part. I figured it was worth a try with the ITM HD1 ABS Flush Utility. If it didn’t get the HCU working again and I had to buy a new one, at least I’d have the tools to properly flush the brakes and HCU going forward, so even in the worst case scenerio, the money wouldnt be wasted. But it worked! The instant the Flush App activated the HCU, the rear brake pedal began moving again. I did a thorough flush of the rear and front brakes to replace all of the old brake fluid and they’re all working properly now. This product likely saved me about $1000, not to mention all of my future brake flushes are covered. Thank you Jason!

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